Men's Hair Systems

Prodigy® Hair System

NOBO Corporation, Cape Coral, FL is presenting a new SUPER-THIN (0.028mm) SKIN BASE that sticks onto your scalp without any tapes or glues.

Sensation Hair System

Completely undetectable! The Sensation is ideal for men 55 years and older!
Thin density, without seeing any knots!

Remember: When a man gets older, his hair density should get thinner, not fuller like a 20-year-old.

This piece is made of a single layer of monofilament base, to make it as thin and lightweight as possible! Each hair is single-hair hand-knotted. The base can be cut down for quick customization to any size!

Transbase Hair System

The Transbase is a full Monofilament net. Net all over! Ideal for men who sweat a lot and have had bad experiences with systems that have polyurethane.

The Transbase has no PU, so cracking and discoloration of the base is not a problem! Instead of a PU perimeter. Only a double layer of monofilament net to protect the knots from the tapes. Fully single-hair hand-knotted, fully air breathable. Apply tape anywhere!

Bonding Transbase Hair System

The Bonding Transbase is the same as The Transbase except that is has a 1-inch Polyurethane perimeter from the temple, around back, to the other temple.

An excellent option for customers that want the advantages of The Transbase but being able to do 4-Week Bonding.

Diamond Hair System

The Diamond is our most basic Hair System. Designed with a durable monofilament base, scalloped front line, and a polyurethane perimeter with three cut-away lines for quick customization to any size. This Hair System looks like your real scalp! The scalloped front of the Hair System is a transparent PU-skin base material (only 1 inch wide). Every single hair is knotted into the net at a predetermined angle to replicate the lift and naturalness of real hair.

African American Hair Systems

Completely undetectable! The latest in hair replacement for African American men!
Short, discreet hairstyles now possible while still undetectable!
Proudly sport full, ethnic black hairstyles! Buzz-cuts, so natural - no one will know!
Shaved styles, ridges, geometric patterns. Black men's hairstyles can be as individualized and unique as the man sporting them.
From long styles to short buzzes
. There is an option suitable for every personal preference and lifestyle needed.

Curl: 2 mm
Hair Height: 1/2"

Skin Replica Hair System

The Skin Replica is a full Polyurethane base system. The hairs are single-hair injected into the base rather than knotted. No knots, no slings – creates the illusion of the hair growing out of your scalp!

Most Natural looking front-hairline because of a thin scalloped edge. This piece is lightweight, with your choice of with or without ventilation holes. Soft, medically proven polyurethane base takes on the exact shape of your head and almost “adheres” by itself to your skin without any adhesive tapes. No professional maintenance is required. "Feels like real skin."

Hybrid-Skin Lace Front Hair System


Thousands of Micro-Breathable Holes allow for body-heat ventilation!

The Hybrid Skin with Lace Front is a newer type of polyurethane base system. The single-hair knotted base creates the illusion of the hair growing out of your scalp! The PU base is a soft, forming material that shapes itself to the contour of your scalp.

This system is repairable. The lace front can be replaced and hair can be added. The Hybrid Skin also has a scalloped frontline along with optional ventilation holes to help your scalp breathe.

Majestic Lace Front Hair System

The Majestic Lace Front looks like the hair is growing out of the scalp! No more knots visible from top or bottom! Invisible, durable knots - without bleaching. Single-Hair Hand-Knotted. Our latest development in undetectable hair systems! Silk Front-top for a breathable, comfortable feel, and natural skin look. Fully repairable!

Super Jewel Lace Front Hair System

Our "Rolls-Royce" of Hair Systems!

The Super Jewel Lace Front is our MOST NATURAL Hair System EVER! It is made of a top-quality micro-monofilament base, with a very thin 1″ width polyurethane perimeter, along with a durable Lace Front. This system creates the MOST NATURAL look due possible to its invisible knots. Because of the hidden knots, your scalp will show through the hair, and no one will be able to see that you are wearing a hair system! The Super Jewel is ideal for backward hairstyles, or for men who are very concerned with their front hairline!

Men's Full Wig "Bodo"

Fully hand-knotted full wig for Men.