Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

NOBO Corporation was established with the goal of providing top quality yet affordable non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women.

Bodo Knoche started his journey introducing hair replacement in Germany back in 1970. From there, he met his wife, now Sigi Knoche, and they grew and flourished their business throughout Europe. With newfound love and a move to America, Bodo introduced the world to HPH Corporation - the first hair replacement business selling affordable systems by mail-order. This idea was a revolutionary success and expansion followed, eventually growing to have customers in over 95 countries all across the globe.

In 2003, Bodo and his son, Norman Knoche, started NOBO Corporation: hair replacement via the internet! NOBO Corp. is ideal for customers unable to visit one of our locations, or rather enjoy the privacy of their own home! With the expansion of the mail-order business to the internet, we have continued to grow in size, customers, and experience! With 50+ years in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge we want to share with our NOBO family. We have traveled around the globe to find the newest skills and highest quality materials available in the hair replacement industry. Each system is hand-tied with the best hair and base materials available, and we are proud to make that known!

Bodo Knoche is not only the President of this company, but he is also his own best customer! We proudly stand by our guarantee for your satisfaction with our products. “We don’t just sell hair – We wear it too!”