Human or Synthetic Hair – Which is better?

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

There has been an ongoing, extremely controversial and opinionative “battle” between Synthetic and Human Hair. Due to the great improvements in the past few years in the manufacturing of a better and better synthetic fiber, we highly recommend our latest NOBO Corp Synthetic Hair. You can easily style it, wash it yourself, brush it in any direction, straight or wavy, sideways, forwards, backwards, etc. and the color will not fade for a minimum of 2 years. Just a small advantage…it even looks and feels like real human hair! Human hair will ALWAYS fade and oxidize. But whichever you prefer, we are here to make you look good and feel great while wearing your undetectable NOBO Hair System! (Even barbers can’t tell the difference!)

Synthetic Hair
With a 2-year color guarantee!
This is the best synthetic hair fiber on the market today. It is a combination of 2 types of fiber: 55% Kanekalon blended with 45% Modacrylic, which provides a “memory intensive” blend which retains the wave and body for years! It is “fade resistant” and anti-static. These features allow you to blow dry with very low heat and/or style your hair system without the fiber frizzing, drying out, or fading.

We highly recommend our NOBO Synthetic Hair, because it is very easy to style and care for yourself, with a simple brush, in any direction you wish! Straight – Wavy – or Curly! 80% of all our customers choose and prefer our synthetic hair because it is so natural and only you will know that it is synthetic! Because it looks and feels so darn natural!

100% Human Hair
We use only the best human hair available on the market. Human hair will fade in the sun, but it can be re-colored with coloring shampoo or hair coloring products. Also, it can be re-curled just like your own hair using a perm! (We also offer this service for only $35.00 instead of $55.00!)

Also with human hair, unless specified otherwise, if you have any gray percentage in your hair color, the gray comes in synthetic. So when re-coloring your Hair Systems, the gray will stay and the rest of the piece will take the color you are trying to achieve.

Because of daily brushing and styling, human hair tends to lose the curls and waves after a few months, that is why so many of our customers are switching and prefer the ease and less-maintenance required when choosing our “Fiber 2010”. The curls or waves will stay for years!

Whichever way you decide to go, we offer Human or Synthetic hair!

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