How can NOBO Corp. sell at these unbelievably low prices?

Very simple! We sell directly from the factory. Most hair replacement salons buy through a distributor. The distributors buy from an importer. Each one of these middlemen has to make a profit. In addition, rent for a physical storefront, extremely high advertising costs, like TV, Newspaper, etc., and other expenses add to these overhead costs – that’s why other companies hair systems are sometimes $1,000 – $3,000! Our goal is, to make amazingly undetectable hair systems, at an affordable price available to anyone!

How can NOBO Corp. style my new Hair System without me being present?

After 50+ years in this Hair Replacement Business, we have learned a lot and we are able to cut and style with astounding accuracy. You can choose a hairstyle from our hairstyle charts for Men or Women, any catalog or magazine, or send us a photo of yourself and we will duplicate the hairstyle exactly. Also, we would like to let you know, with our new synthetic hair it is so easy to brush the hair in any direction you want. Please do not use a hairdryer with the synthetic fiber, it is not necessary!

Can my hair stylist cut and style my new NOBO Hair System?

Sure! Why not? But make sure he/she knows what they’re doing! When you get your hair system cut by a barber or hairstylist, the money guarantee will be voided!

Who will re-style, re-perm, re-curl, re-condition, thin-out, repair or add hair to my NOBO Hair System?

We can! NOBO Corp will take care of this for you or any Salon or Barber of your choice, but again…make sure they know what they’re doing! Click for the Repair and Service page.

How long will my new NOBO Hair System last?

Hair System lifetime is greatly dependent, almost 90%, on customer care, wear and other conditions out of our control. Of course, production can be at fault, and we fully back our products with our guarantee, but please remember that proper care helps with the longevity of the life you can expect from our Hair Systems. Also, the more natural, the less durable, and vice versa. But with durability, you have to sacrifice some naturalness. That’s why our Transbase Hair System is the perfect balance of the both.

We highly recommend that you purchase 2 or more units and rotate them bi-weekly, or even every other day, no matter which system you choose. This helps to increase the lifespan of the systems as customers will clean their units more often if they have an extra system to rotate with. Also, it is nice to have a 2nd unit in case of a repair or re-color or if any other maintenance is necessary.

Can NOBO repair my existing unit, even if it is not from NOBO Corp?

Of course! No problem! Just fill out our Repair & Service Form, choose which type of repair or service you want to have done and send it to us! For common repair prices, click on the Repairs & Services button. If we have any questions, we will get a hold of you by e-mail, fax, mail or discrete phone call, whichever you prefer.

What type of front line is the best?

The front line is THE MOST CRITICAL area for ANY Hair System! We know this for sure! We have designed our Diamond and Skin Replica with a very thin, transparent, durable, and undetectable, scalloped front hairline. It is absolutely perfect and natural!
But the “Top of the Line” is our new Super Jewel/Lace Front Hair System. It is the absolute best in the world! Invisible knots! Click Here or the NEW “Sensation” Hair System, special for men 55 years and older!

What should I watch for when purchasing a Hair System? 

There are 5 important things to watch for when purchasing a new Hair System. Making these 5 points look as natural as possible, is what makes a Hair System “Undetectable”.

1. Hair Color – The hair color is extremely important, especially in the back, where your natural hair color is usually darker. The color match needs to be perfect. Also, as a man gets older, some grey hairs will start to show up. Do not make the mistake of having very little to no gray hair if your age says otherwise.

2. Part – The biggest mistake that hair system manufacturers make is the part being too exact or full. You don’t want an exactly perfect straight line where the part is. Only dolls or mannequins in a department store window have perfect parts.

3. Front Hairline – This is the most critical area of any hair system. Many other companies make the mistake of filling the hairline with too much hair and making it perfectly straight. No one has a perfectly straight line of hair on their forehead. We make all of our hair systems with a scalloped front hairline and a natural density to make it as invisible as possible. What’s worse is when you are speaking to someone and after 30 seconds they are no longer looking in your eyes, not listening to what you are saying, but rather staring up at your hairline wondering “What is it?”.

4. Density – Most Hair Systems are too full, this is where the term “rug” came from. A man 55 years old should not have the density of a 20-year-old. The less density, the more natural!

5. Hair Cut – Also very critical. You can have the best Hair System in the world, but if the cut isn’t right, it won’t look good. We cut all of our systems with a razor, not scissors or shears. We specialize in a layered and feathered haircut to make it look the most natural and undetectable as possible. Also, we recommend staying away form long hairstyles because, in the wind, the hair can go in all directions, and has to be fixed with a brush or comb. But a nice short haircut cannot be “disturbed” and a quick run-through of the fingers brings it back to looking great! You can always tell if someone is wearing a hair system when they come into a restaurant and the first thing they do is run to the restroom and come out patting down their hair.