Cutting & Styling Information

How can NOBO Corp. style my new Hair System without me being present?

After 50+ years in this Hair Replacement Business, we have learned a lot and we are able to cut and style with astounding accuracy. You can choose a hairstyle from our hairstyle chart below, any catalog or magazine, or send us a photo of yourself and we will duplicate the hairstyle exactly.

Cutting and styling:

NOBO Corp. understands the hesitation you may have about letting us cut and style your hair system without you being physically present. We totally get it! How can a stylist properly do this? It may seem impossible - but it’s not! Allow us to explain:

Whether your system is Human Hair or Synthetic Hair, it is not going to grow back, and we know this better than anyone. Our professional stylists are thoroughly trained to cut and style hair systems as if you were there. In fact, we always leave the length slightly longer than requested, just to be sure! (Unless an exact length is explicitly requested). Allowing NOBO Corp. to cut and style your hair system reassures you that you are dealing with professional and reliable stylists. Lots of salons, barbers and beauticians can cut hair - but can they razor cut and layer a hairpiece? The key to achieving the natural look is making sure the hair system will blend in evenly with your existing hair.

To have us cut and style your hairpiece, all you need to do is provide us with a hairstyle you are seeking to replicate. You can choose from one of many on our hairstyle chart, provide us with a picture, choose a celebrity hairstyle, or specify the hair lengths. There’s not much we can’t do for the hair of your dreams! You have the option to choose: Style; Lengths (Front, Top, Right, Left, Back); Part or No Part (Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Permed); Density; Base Size; Lace Front cut (If you choose a system with Lace Front); Ventilation Holes (On Skin Base systems); Layered; Bangs; ETC!

One of our customer service representatives will review your order with you before passing it along to one of our stylists. Just like we’ve been selling excellent hair replacement for years, we’ve also been cutting and styling them for our customers. Give us a try! We specialize in following directions!