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Now it is very easy to make a pattern yourself, of the bald area of your head. For custom made Hair systems (Men or Women) or for measuring the size of your stock Hair System. FAST AND CONVENIENT!

  •  No more Scotch Tape Patterns

  •  No more messy plaster or cast molds

  •  No more high-postage costs for heavy molds and casts

  •  Now you can FOLD your template and send it in an envelope!


Place the NOBO Measuring cap on your head and mark with a marker, the outline of the bald area. Make sure the frontline starts approximately 3 fingers width above  the eyebrows. Mark the receding hairline on the front of your head, and then go with the marker, all the way around your head (a second person can do this easily for you!). Mark the front area with an “F” (for the front); a “B” (for the back); an “R” and “L” (for right and left). Also, write your last name in CAPITAL  letters and the date and year across the top of the base.

Now fold the new template and staple it to the order form. This new NOBO Measuring cap is also ideal for WOMEN with ALOPECIA. It is very easy to make your template, so we can get your new NOBO Hair System out to you as soon as possible!

P.S. – Included are color samples with the measuring cap and a 20 Hair Style picture sheet, if you order the full kit.


NOBO Corp. delivers every hair system with a
30 day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee**.

Many hair replacement salons have NO GUARANTEE and NO RETURN POLICY.
We believe that a company’s guarantee is a direct reflection of the quality of their product.

NOBO Corp. is the only company in the world that can offer the assurance of a 30-day money back guarantee**.

Simply try us risk-free!

We can deliver any hair system cut, styled, and ready to wear! Or unstyled for your barber or stylist to style for you!

**Our guarantee assures you that every Hair System will be manufactured to all of your specifications with the highest quality materials. Returns will only be accepted in original packaging, along with a copy of order invoice. Returns can not have been altered in any way (colored, permed, cut, etc.) by any person other than NOBO Corp.


NEW! Watch our instructional video of how to apply your hair system with 4-week “Do-It-Yourself” bonding.

Also covers care & maintenance of your hair system!
It’s so simple! No longer is it necessary to purchase expensive “special products” like special shampoos,
special conditioners, etc. Use our low price products from NOBO.
100% HUMAN HAIR: We use the best European Human Hair. The disadvantage of human hair is, that it fades from exposure to the sun. Human hair can be re-colored. Human hair can be re-permed with any perm liquid. We offer the above services. Click on REPAIRS & SERVICE. It’s no problem to use a blow dryer, but do not get too close to the hair!
We recommended to NOT use “leave-in” conditioner because it can loosen the knots and lead to hair falling out of the hair system.

NOBO SYNTHETIC HAIR “FIBER 2010”: This is the latest in synthetic fiber technology. This fiber is the closest you can get to natural hair! Nobody will know – only you! It’s fine like real hair! It looks like real hair! It feels like real hair! It will not tangle after washing!

NEW! It can be curled with steam and curlers like human hair
whenever it is necessary!

It’s better than real hair!:

  • Because the color will not fade…
  • Because it’s much easier to brush and style yourself without a blow dryer…
  • The natural waves will not be combed or brushed out after a short time…
  • Washing and cleaning are as simple as washing a pair of socks. Wet the synthetic hair, apply shampoo and wipe gently through the hair. Rinse well with luke-warm water and let air dry. Do not use a blow dryer! When it’s dry, brush the hair in the desired hairstyle. Do no use any hairspray, it’s not necessary because our excellent layered cut looks so natural!

Although we do not say you must use our products, we highly recommend to do so, they are all that you need. The prices are great, the quality is the highest you can get, the products are the same as others, if not, better. Why pay more?

Detangling Human hair system instructions:

We recommended using our “Tangle Free Magic” (item #403).

In case your human hair system becomes tangled after washing, follow these procedures, which beauty salons and hair replacement studios use also:

  • Fill one-gallon warm tap water into a bucket or sink.
  • Measure 2 oz. of CLOROX BLEACH and pour into the bucket or sink.
  • Now, place the hair system in the bucket or sink.
  • Use a wide toothbrush and brush gently through the hair from back to the front concentrating on the tangled or knotted area.
  • The tangles will come loose while brushing and the hair will become silky. Do this for no more than 3 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair system thoroughly.
  • Now fill another gallon of warm tap water into the bucket or sink and put 2 oz. of regular household AMMONIA in the bucket or sink.
  • Now, brush gently through the hair, again for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now, rinse thoroughly. Important! ALWAYS rinse with the base up to prevent hair from inverting if it is a mesh base.

Custom Made Hair Systems are handmade, hair by hair and can be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Uncut Stock Hair Systems can be shipped out same day if in stock.
If being cut & styled approximately 3-7 business days.

International shipments take only 2-7 business days! We ship UPS, FedEx, or EMS.

There are 5 important things to watch for when purchasing a new Hair System. Making these 5 points look as natural as possible, is what makes a Hair System “Undetectable”.

1. Hair Color – The hair color is extremely important, especially in the back, where your natural hair color is usually darker. The color match needs to be perfect. Also, as a man gets older, some grey hairs will start to show up. Do not make the mistake of having very little to no gray hair if your age says otherwise.

2. Part – The biggest mistake that hair system manufacturers make is the part being too exact or full. You don’t want an exactly perfect straight line where the part is. Only dolls or mannequins in a department store window have perfect parts.

3. Front Hairline – This is the most critical area of any hair system. Many other companies make the mistake of filling the hairline with too much hair and making it perfectly straight. No one has a perfectly straight line of hair on their forehead. We make all of our hair systems with a scalloped front hairline and a natural density to make it as invisible as possible. What’s worse is when you are speaking to someone and after 30 seconds they are no longer looking in your eyes, not listening to what you are saying, but rather staring up at your hairline wondering “What is it?”.

4. Density – Most Hair Systems are too full, this is where the term “rug” came from. A man 55 years old should not have the density of a 20-year-old. The less density, the more natural!

5. Hair Cut – Also very critical. You can have the best Hair System in the world, but if the cut isn’t right, it won’t look good. We cut all of our systems with a razor, not scissors or shears. We specialize in a layered and feathered haircut to make it look the most natural and undetectable as possible. Also, we recommend staying away form long hairstyles because, in the wind, the hair can go in all directions, and has to be fixed with a brush or comb. But a nice short haircut cannot be “disturbed” and a quick run-through of the fingers brings it back to looking great! You can always tell if someone is wearing a hair system when they come into a restaurant and the first thing they do is run to the restroom and come out patting down their hair.


NOBO Corporation ships worldwide using UPS and USPS (EMS) from Cape Coral, Florida.
Please use this estimated UPS shipping time map as a reference:


We also offer expedited shipping options for an additional charge. Please call us for rates.