Hope Chemo Full Wig - Custom Made

Hope Chemo Full Wig - Custom Made

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Here is our latest innovation for Women undergoing Chemotherapy, Alopecia, or any other kind of total hair loss.

Bodo, the owner of NOBO Corp, has designed this new wig specifically for this use. Bodo was also the original inventor of the first silicone breast prosthesis form for women suffering from a mastectomy (Patented April 29, 1980 - #US4199825A).

Fully Hand-Knotted. The Cap is very smooth and soft to avoid any irritation to sensitive skin. Built-In Non-Slip Silicone Strips on the base for a secure fit and to hold the wig in place, instead of durable, chemical tapes and adhesive glues.

From the top, each hair looks like it’s growing out of the scalp! Extremely Natural! 6” Hair Length.

With the purchase of any Hope Wig, you will get a FREE New Generation stock wig. The New Generation Wig is a Transition wig for you to use while waiting for the custom-made Hope to be ready!

Custom Made ONLY: Please email support@nobocorp.com or call 1-800-732-4359 for more info.