Sensation Hair System
Sensation Hair System

Sensation Hair System

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The Sensation is ideal for men 55 years and older!
Thin density, without seeing any knots!

Remember: When a man gets older, his hair density should get thinner, not fuller like a 20-year-old.

Completely undetectable!

This piece is made of a single layer of monofilament base, to make it as thin and lightweight as possible! Each hair is single-hair hand-knotted. The base can be cut down for quick customization to any size!

In Stock: Human Hair, any color & any percentage of gray
Stock Sizes: L (10″ x 7.5″) Can be cut down to any size
Stock Density: Thin
Custom Made: Human or Synthetic Hair. Any Density. Any Specifications (Add $75/piece)

INFO: Cutting & Styling is available for any Hair-System (+$40). You will find the Style Chart in the product gallery.

**Please note - the color of hair in the product photo does not reflect your color choice. The photo is to show the base and construction of the Hair System.**